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Short television drama, 2000, 59 min.

Film version of the tragicomic play Fred by the Carver theatre company. After the death of her husband Fred, Mary is left behind with her sister Paula. Mary thinks it is time to go her own way, but Paula, who has agoraphobia, needs Mary as a link to the outside world. Mary can't get away from the power of the nit-picking and sucking Paula. That's why she takes Arthur with her one day, a strange man who she knows vaguely from work. Arthur can rent Fred's room and he may be able to bring some fresh air to the oppressive atmosphere. Of course a real courtship ritual emerges around Arthur that leads to bizarre, but also painful situations. The play Fred was give the Albert van Dalsum Prize in 1997 from the City of Amsterdam for the best Dutch play.





Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist