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Feature film, 2005, 75 min.

The prosperous publisher Leon Mortier becomes infatuated with the alluring and elusive Lulu. He meets her when driving through the forest and finding her there. She gets in his car and he promptly hits a man. Leon decides to take them both home to his country estate. Soon, the relationship between Lulu and Leon develops into a dangerous game. Leon's brother, son and friends are unable to resist Lulu's appeal, either. When he invites his family and friends to a dinner in his country house, everybody hopes Lulu will attend it. But the night does not work out as the guests had expected.
With Lulu, Nieuwenhuijs and Seyferth present their vision on Frank Wedekind's famous play. In their personal visual style, they tell the story of an impossible love and the primitive urge to survive.






Cinematographer - DoP


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