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Feature film, 1986, 107 min.

Following his début De lift (1983), Maas and his producer Geels founded First Floor Features, their first productions being Alex van Warmerdam's Abel en Maas' own Flodder, which was promoted with an unprecedented advertising campaign. The comic film spins around an antisocial family that is placed in an exclusive residential neighbourhood under the supervision of a social worker. The neighbours in the Zonnedael area are horrified to find out that the sons are crooks, that Ma Flodder smokes cigars and distills gin and that the daughter has morals as loose as her bust. Flodder drew 2.3 million visitors with politically incorrect humour, nudity and car chases. In 2007 the film was admitted to the "Canon van de Nederlandse Film", a list of the most important Dutch films.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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