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Morrison krijgt een zusje - Morrison Gets A Baby Sister

Feature film, 2008, 72 min.

This youth film is told from two perspectives: that of five-year-old Morrison, who hears that a little sister is on the way, and that of his two happy parents. Morrison is a sharp blond kid that keeps an eye on everything. His mother is a vet, but her pregnancy forces her to quit working. His father is a small garage owner, who considers many things Morrison does 'brilliant'. He even allows Morrison to drive a car on a quiet road, while his father sits in the passenger seat and tells him how to drive. Even the police officer that stops them because nobody seems to be behind the wheel is won over by Morrison. The father and mother, occupied by their prospective child, fail to notice that in Morrison's world things look quite different. They do not hear his thoughts, which we do hear in the voice-over. Morrison, who takes in all the conversations around him, concludes that he has to 'make room' for the baby and will be permanently sent to a monastery. This drives him to a dramatic act.

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