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De Matchmaker

Feature film, 2018, 92 min.

RELEASE DATES 26 APRIL 2018 NL. Eat of life Chris travels around the world as a photographer. When the bottom of his bank account comes into view and work is not forthcoming, he is forced to return to his mother Marja. Despite receiving him with open arms, Chris struggles to ground in his village birthplace. Fortunately, he gets a new assignment, so hopefully he can quickly pick up his suitcases again; he may make a promo video for a dating site. And who is now a better protagonist than his smooth single mother? Chris secretly makes a video about Marja, but when it comes online, the reactions of men come in. After some surprise, Marja, with Chris as a matchmaker, dares to enter the dating adventure. And so they end up in all sorts of crazy, hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable situations that bring mother and son closer to each other. And for both, love comes from an unexpected angle.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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Cinematographer - DoP



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