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Zonen van de zee

Short documentary, 2007, 54 min.

Portrait of the fishermen in a Galician coastal town, where people still suffer the consequences of the catastrophe with the oil tanker Prestige in 2002. Removing the oil that washed ashore is a hellish job. And the sea knows it. In voice-over, the ocean has a (woman's) voice, telling what she sees every day and what she holds inside, something she has lived for for centuries. The camera passes over the surface of the sea, or takes a plunge. This is also how the days in the seaside village come and go, just like the fishermen. Many sailors emigrated to Rotterdam in the sixties and seventies, where they now live in the Zeemanshuis (sailors' home). They read from letters from those days: 'We set course to Rio de Janeiro. I will write again when I get there.' Through the window, the Erasmus Bridge is visible in the dusk.






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