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Het zwijgen - Familiegeheim

Short documentary, 2001, 52 min.

A son, with a camera at his side, tries to discover the facts around his father's death. The latter died 23 years ago, but the mother nor other relatives, neighbours or colleagues have ever said one word to the three children about the facts of the matter. 'A moped accident', the children were simply told, but now it becomes clear that the moped was never recovered. The people involved have strong memories of that day in 1973. They remember exactly what they thought, did or said. The cause of Wim van Hoewijk's death may have been withheld, it is not forgotten. The spectator gradually finds out what happened 23 years before in the Kralingse Bos and what it meant to the family. While unravelling the family secret, the filmmaker does not keep back his personal emotions.






Cinematographer - DoP


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