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Terug naar Nagele

Documentary, 2012, 75 min.

In 1960, Louis van Gasteren?s Een nieuw dorp op nieuw land was released, about the design and construction of the village of Nagele in the North-East Polder. The film turned out to be historiographical. Nagele is globally known for its daring, contemporary architecture. The young architects from De 8 and Opbouw (including Van Eyck and Rietveld) planned a village characterised by flat rooftops and a spatial lay-out. The architects wanted to connect ?inside? with ?outside? to achieve the highest quality of living and residing. Fifty years later, Van Gasteren wonders if the village still ?satisfies? current demands. He asks architects, residents and administrators what has changed over the last fifty years and how they see the future.





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