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It riedsel

Short documentary, 2009, 33 min.

To counteract oblivion, artist/writer Jannie Regnerus tries to get a grip on things that are transitory. She works on a novel about her childhood in Friesland. Unable to use all the colours of her palette there, as she calls it, she left. Still, her artist's look is defined by the ever changing chiaroscuros in the empty landscape that she observed during long bicycle rides to and from school. The weather-determined atmosphere plays a key role in her photographs, also called visual haikus. In these tranquil moments in the deserted nature, she appears herself, while adding something to enhance the enigma.
On the basis of interviews, sketches and notes, the film demonstrates how her work comes about and how personal it is. She reads excerpts from as yet unpublished work, for example about her son's illness, and from her book Het geluid van vallende sneeuw, which won the Bob den Uyl Award.




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