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Anatomie van een moord

Documentary, 2012, 70 min.

On a Thursday in February 2000, filmmaker Joop van Wijk?s wife is informed her sister is missing. One month later, her body is discovered; she was killed by eleven strokes of an axe. By her husband, as it turns out. Both their children remain behind forsaken. The culprit admits guilt, is tried and has now served his time.
Twelve years later, Van Wijk accurately reconstructs not just the killing, but also the underlying causes. How did it happen, how could it happen? The thread of the film is the conversation the filmmaker has with the perpetrator. This is complemented with comments by relatives, friends, family doctor and representatives of police and judiciary. Not to repeat the lawsuit or reach a uniform judgement, but to do justice to the complexity of motives and emotions involved in such a family tragedy.





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