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Denkend aan Holland - Remembering Holland

Documentary, 2009, 101 min.

The Waal River is an important source of inspiration for artists. Jan Wouter van Reijen travelled along the entire length of the river, from the German border to the sea, and portrayed thirty painters, fine artists and poets who took the river landscape as their subject. On every spot and on each new day, the water looks different: one time a slight ripple, the next moment a turbulent stream. We watch the water, dark and colourful, twinkling in the backlight, in the early-morning mist and moonshine, in a foggy haze and wintry snow. Countless cargo ships sail past, bearing names that appeal to the imagination. The sky and the landscape are as variable as the water, with cows in the forelands and a solitary cyclist on a dike.
And yet the water does not only produce beauty. The flooding of the forelands and the dike improvements of 1995 are reminiscent of Holland's eternal fight against the water. The title refers to Hendrik Marsman's famous poem Herinnering aan Holland from 1936, which forms the final chord of the documentary.

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