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Na 28 dagen

Documentary, 2004, 50 min.

When they were 15 years old, the three Chinese women Hong, Li Hua and Jin Chai travelled to Holland with the help of smugglers. They were rejected after a lengthy political asylum procedure. Today, they are twenty-three and have children that were born in the Netherlands. Although the children go to school here, they do not fall under Minister Rita Verdonk's limited pardon, as they are economic refugees with only personal problems and fears. When they receive their final summons, they have twenty-eight days to leave the country. Director Beudel films them in their houses in The Hague, at the market and in conversations with their lawyer, with Vluchtelingenwerk (refugee aid) and with Groen Links MP Marijke Vos. The women, speaking varying levels of Dutch, have been rejected in Holland, but China refuses to send them the required papers to return with their children.





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