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Living Rights: Roy, Yoshi, Toti and Lena

Short documentary, 2004, 28 min.

Living Rights is a series in six episodes about the daily reality, conflicts and dilemmas surrounding children's rights, of which Nisha (nominated for IDFA's Silver Wolf in 2001) was the first. The other four episodes also focus on the lives of young individuals. Roy tells about a boy in a small village looking for gold in small mines. In Yoshi the focus lies on16-year-old Yoshinori, who suffers from a form of autism, which is why he is put on a school for severely handicapped children. Toti deals with a 14-year-old Masai girl. When she was eleven, her mother told her that she would be married off. And 11-year-old Lena lives with her foster mother Galah in a village close to the nuclear reactor of Chernobyl.





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