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Het tweede gezicht

Documentary, 2003, 76 min.

When the Netherlands capitulated in 1940, writer, essayist and (film) critic Menno ter Braak committed suicide; the uncompromising antifascist was unable to live under a Nazi regime. This is what the history books say. But was it not in fact an instance of euthanasia? The alleviating injection was administered by Menno's brother Wim, the now deceased father of co-director Krijn ter Braak. The latter has never fully comprehended his uncle's intentional death and his father's role in it. In this egodocument with historical implications, Krijn ter Braak interviews contemporaries and parties concerned, including journalists Henk Hofland and Michaël Zeeman and writers Adriaan Morriën and Han Voskuil. He also discusses his uncle's suicide with his mother for the first time. By enacting the historical events, with actor Peer Mascini playing Menno ter Braak, he hopes to arrive at the deeper truth. Krijn ter Braak plays the role of his father.






Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist