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Het drama zit in de muziek

Documentary, 2003, 70 min.

Behind the scenes at the preparations of the musical stage play Jona, de nee-zegger. In fly-on-the-wall style, without comment or interviews, director De Swaan films the rehearsals and discussions. Like the deliberations between conductor René Nieuwint and Willem Breuker, who must bring his Kollektief in line with the Mondriaan Strings and the Koor Nieuwe Muziek. Or the moment when director Lodewijk de Boer presents his view on the different characters to a polite, but expectant group. And the subsequent rehearsals with actors/singers Frits Lambregts, Jasperina de Jong, Denise Jannah, Marcel Beekman and Pieter Hendriks. And De Swaan follows the final hectic days before the première in the Schouwburg in Middelburg. The piece describes the adventures of Jona, who is summoned by God to give the sinful inhabitants of Ninivé a warning. But the drama is in the music, Lodewijk de Boer says. Jona, de nee-zegger was the last play that Lodewijk de Boer directed. He passed away in June 2004.






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