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Achter gesloten ogen

Documentary, 2000, 100 min.

This documentary narrates how four children who lived through a war, learn to build up their future despite their past. Spencer (18) lives in a reception centre for former child soldiers in Liberia. With role playing and individual counselling, he learns that murdering is not matter of course. Eranda is seven and a refugee from Kosovo. In a reception centre in Macedonia and later in Holland, her life is shaped by fear and uncertainty. In Cambodia, Nhom (13) has lost his leg to stray explosives and he is an orphan. In the orphanage, he learns to conquer his loneliness and the shame about his handicap. Jacqueline, an eighteen-year-old Rwandan girl, has a child sired by the man who raped her. Her grandmother and radio programmes help her to accept her child and her fate.
Behind Closed Eyes was awarded the Prijs van de Stad Utrecht in 2000.

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  • NL - NFF City Utrecht Award






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