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De grote schaduw van Stampersgat

Short documentary, 2008, 53 min.

Once upon a time, in the southwest of Noord-Brabant, the heartbeat was heard of the sugar industry, with its three large sugar refineries, one of which stood in Stampersgat. Since 1 June 2006, however, the European subsidy for sugar beet growing has been discontinued, which has sweeping consequences for the village where almost all inhabitants are active in the sugar industry. As was the filmmaker's father, who is so fond of sugar that he even pours it over his French fries. Filmmaker Patrick Bus captures the collapse of the village, but also the collapse of his parents' marriage that, after his father has retired, is not that great anymore. For other relatives and villagers, too, the decline of the sugar industry has great consequences. For his cousin Gustav, for instance, who wants to take over his parents' farm, but is their still any future in it? And does his father even want to pass on the farm to him? The film is the result of a workshop project of IDFA.





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