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Cinéma Invisible - Brossa

Documentary, 2005, 79 min.

Always enigmatic. Everything an illusion. Two recurring themes in statements by friends, old acquaintances and the widow Pepa Llopis about the Catalan, avant-gardist poet Joan Brossa (1919-1998). After Brossa's death, filmmaker Digna Sinke became fascinated with his work and reconstructs the personality and work of this unfathomable Spaniard through interviews, photographs, historical footage, film excerpts and a visit to his widow, who scrupulously manages his legacy. Brossa considered the illusion of art a condition of life; he was also very fond of magic tricks. Film was an equally fascinating medium to him: this, too, involved some sort of transformation. His script for an experimental film, which was never made into one, put Sinke on Brossa's track. In her documentary, the director is just as much looking for the man Brossa as for the significance of friendship and art.





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