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Blois - Couleur locale

Documentary, 2001, 102 min.

The Dutch artist Jan Dibbets was invited by Jack Lang - at the time the mayor of Blois in France - to design new windows for the local cathedral. Dibbets chose stained glass, a rarely used technique in modern art. Director Rolf Orthel filmed him during the project, which lasted for almost ten years, from the initial sketches via the selection of the glass to the eventual placement of the windows in the church. Parallel to this, Orthel portrayed the community for whom the windows were intended: the inhabitants of Blois. On the priest's advice, he mainly puts his ear to the ground. Included in his twenty-six miniatures are images of a young conveyor belt worker, an elderly woman who has to auction off the furniture of the family hotel, and a refugee who has been cherishing a cowbell for years.






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