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Short documentary, 2008, 57 min.

The ruddy 'kaatser' (Frisian handball player) Chris Wassenaar is a big hunk of a fellow. A sturdy Frisian with a characteristic head, towering several inches above everybody else. He seems to be cut out for the classical ballgame that is so popular in Friesland and in which players hit a leather ball back and forth with their hands or fists. But after many successful years, his body gradually starts to protest and 'El Gigante' puts an end to his sports career. Keatsheart follows his final season, behind the scenes and on the field. 'Damn', is a phrase often heard there, from disappointment or joy. Chris makes up a team with his brother Jacob and Rutmer van der Meer. At their kitchen tables, it is clear how much time and energy the sport really takes. But the spouses have more probloems with this than the men. The latter chiefly think about the mother of all tournaments: the PC. It would be the crowning glory of Chris' career if he won it one last time. The camera sticks close to the three main figures and registers how euphoria and frustration take turns.





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