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De andere familie Frank

Short documentary, 2008, 53 min.

Images of a laughing husband and wife. They embrace and sip their cocktails. Images of their daughters. Two girls with large bows in their hair. In summer, they lark about in the garden. They eat cherries and walk along Scheveningen beach. In winter, they go ice-skating. This is archive footage of the Frank family from Ochten. Everybody in this village in Gelderland remembers them. Before World War II, the Jewish family ran a flourishing textile business. Father Sam Frank was a prominent and well-liked man. Secretary of the brass band, which still exists to this day. The now elderly Ochten people intently study the amateur footage of their former fellow-villagers and reminisce about them. What life was like back then and how the war changed everything. Some of them were friends with the Frank girls or worked for the family as gardener or maid. They were nice employers. In 1943, they were deported. The whole village had turned out: 'We waved goodbye to them. They drove up the dike and we never saw them again.'




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