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Dunya & Desie - Derde seizoen

Series, 2004, 25 min.

Despite their completely different backgrounds, Dunya and Desie are bosom friends. Moroccan Dunya comes from a traditional family, performs quite well at school and is fairly serious. Desie is all-Dutch, lives with her mother, has a big mouth and a heart of gold. In this third series, both girls have finished lower secondary school and are at the crossroads of life, each of which lead to different destinations. Dunya goes to higher secondary school and has journalistic aspirations; Desie goes to hairdressing school, while having her hands full at home with her mother's new boyfriend, ex-jailbird Sjef (Theo Maassen). All these changes bring stress with them; in familiar situations, the lasses' friendship and the mother-daughter relationship are seriously put to the test.





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