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Dunya & Desie - Trouwfoto's

Series, 2002, 25 min.

Episode from a seven-part series, about the everyday concerns of two fifteen-year-old bosom friends (film début of both actresses). Moroccan Dunya lives with her parents and younger brother; cheeky Dutch Desi lives with her divorced, golden-haired, tight leggings wearing type of mother. Going against all the rules of school and home, the two girls always know better. Dunya has the role of the narrator. Her voice-over tells the viewer what the girls are concerned about in life.
In Trouwfoto's (Wedding Pictures), the girls try and find a man for Desie's mother Monique. Dunya 'knows' you don't choose a partner for yourself, others will do that for you. That's how her parents got married. On the ad they place, Herman reacts, a salesman of caravans, slightly balding and sympathetic. He and Monique seem to get along, but will he and Desie do too?





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