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Lolamoviola - Wraakengel

Series, 2000, 37 min.

Episode of Lolamoviola, a series of TV dramas made by promising young and talented filmmakers. One morning, the newspaper delivery boy Moustafa (21) finds a key in a front door. He surreptitiously puts it in his pocket and walks on. When it is dark he creeps into the unknown house but is overpowered by the inhabitant Peter. Moustafa is tied up and held prisoner for a night. his entry turns out not to be unexpected, revenge for a dramatic event in the past. And Peter is to blame for that. Gradually the newspaper boy makes a discovery and tries to turn the tables. Wraakengel (Avenging Angel) is the film début by artist Jaap de Vries.




Cinematographer - DoP



TV - broadcast production company