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Lapje grond

Short documentary, 2003, 24 min.

Lapje grond (Allotment) is the next film in the series of short cinematic impressions Van Lieshout makes of indistinct places where people do not come every day. Indefinite places that remain as residual areas after the public space has been neatly divided in the Netherlands, or places that Dutch urban and rural planners have set aside for special activities that also need a place. After a film about 'afwerkplekken' (outdoor places where it is legal for prostitutes to have sex with their clients) and the subterranean vaults of a large shopping mall, Van Lieshout made a film about less gruesome places. Lapje grond is an affectionate tribute to a seemingly insignificant phenomenon, the allotment garden. Gardeners and poets appear in this visual, poetic film, shot in different seasons on forgotten plots of land along railway lines, motorways and industrial zones.




Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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