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In het huis van mijn vader

Documentary, 1997, 67 min.

In het huis van mijn vader (In My Father's House), tells the personal story of journalist and filmmaker Fatima Jebli Ouazanni (1959). Born in Morocco, she is unmarried, childless, deflowered and hence worthless according to Moroccan tradition. By rejecting the option of being married off like her mother and grandmother before her, she has not been on speaking terms with her father for the last sixteen years.
In the film, the director tries to find out whether she has made the right decision. There are open-hearted talks with her grandmother and grandfather and the filmmaker also compares her past with that of a Moroccan girl who grew up in Holland and did choose to have a traditional wedding. Awarded a Golden Calf for Best Full-length Documentary.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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