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La vie en chantant

Short documentary, 2006, 57 min.

In the Les Olivettes café in Liege, the patrons sing chansons live, accompanied by the piano. No karaoke, no playback, they lustily sing at the top of their voices before a full bar. Some guests have been visiting this place for years (Les Olivettes has not changed since WW I), others have discovered the charming café chantant more recently. It is a close-knit community, where many people find solace. The images from the thriving pub are alternated with interviews with lavatory attendant Madame Pipi, owners Emile and Denise Roka and some guests at home. In the calm of their living room, the personal stories come out. Stéphanie has lost her husband and children. Denise must take thing easier due to a course of chemotherapy, and until recently Francis took care of his mother. The documentary presents a beautiful portrait of these people and of the Belgian pub with the beating heart, where people do not only sing about love, but where it is also really visible - just because of the love of music.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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