take this production


Feature film, 2006, 80 min.

Mrs. Boon is taken to a nursing home. She can no longer live by herself and her war memories of the Japanese POW camp increasingly determine her life; she is clearly suffering from a concentration-camp syndrome. The young and largely immigrant nursing home staff does not really see what is the matter or know much about the history Mrs. Boon lives in, which elicits some unadulterated racist statements from her. Things grow worse when the new resident Mrs. Cohen arrives, a Jew who survived Auschwitz. And they are not the only ones in the home with a 'war past'. Another example is the communist Vanter, who 'knows' for sure that another patient, Halm, was wrong in the war. And then we have a Bosnian man who experienced W.W. II and got involved in the shelling of Sarajevo in 1992.
All these 'seniors' clash with each other and wage their private wars. They fight for the recognition of their grief and find it hard to stomach that particularly the staff members, but also their own children, lack every historical awareness.






Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (8)

Sound designer

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