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Mijn moeder, de actrice Willeke van Ammelrooy

Short documentary, 2008, 48 min.

Denise Janzée portrays her famous mother, the actress Willeke van Ammelrooy, to get to know her better. In the conversations they have in front of the camera, Janzée confronts her mother with the fact she never really showed her emotions in real life. 'I've seen you cry only once', Denise says. That was at her father's funeral, who committed suicide. The interviews are illustrated with relevant scenes from the many films Van Ammelrooy played in. For example, we see how she says goodbye to her film lover when he is arrested. Her look tells us she is through with the relationship, now that she has no use for this man anymore. She tells her daughter that in real life she is just as opportunistic. Janzée also followed her mother on the set of an American movie and at home in France, where she lives with opera singer Marco Bakker. Although Van Ammelrooy candidly and sincerely answers her daughter's questions, it is clear that emotionally she remains aloof in front of the camera.




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