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De stilte van het naderen

Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 90 min.

Susan is a successful, young businesswoman who apparently lives the perfect life: a good career and an upcoming marriage. During a visit to Belgium, however, she suddenly comes face to face with Jules, a notorious murderer who is just being transported from the court. He leaves her confused and intrigued. Without knowing why Susan tries to get in touch with this man, who turns out to be a simple and humble man who killed his girlfriend 14 years ago. During his imprisonment Jules has become a Christian. He and Susan develop a close friendship and it appears that Susan has been carrying a secret since childhood. In an attempt to protect his daughter Susan's father pushed his wife as a result of which Susan's mother falls and dies. The subsequent imprisonment of her father has filled Susan with guilt ever since. Jules seems to be the perfect goal to make amends for the past. Their relationship causes a split between her and David, her husband-to-be, who turns out to be a jealous and dangerous character. He keeps telling Susan that Jules can't be
trusted. Susan decides there's only one way to find out: she pushes him to the extreme. Will she survive? Based on a true story.






Cinematographer - DoP


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