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One Night Stand - Twee dromen

Short television drama, 2004, 40 min.

Two people meet in their dreams. They are both sitting naked in the auditorium of a concert hall, while someone plays the violin on stage. The two do not know each other, but the misery they must endure together brings them ever closer together. It turns out to be quite hard to even find clothes in a concert hall, especially when you are followed by two morbid cloakroom attendants. One dream smoothly blends into the other, so sometimes it is unclear who woke up, and whether someone woke up at all. In the second dream, the two people are suddenly on a train, where they barely escape from a sadistic conductor. And then there is yet a third dream. Or is there? In any case, Twee dromen (Two Dreams) demonstrates that a one-night stand does not have to take place between the sheets. Awarded the City of Utrecht Award.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

other prizes

  • NL - NFF City Utrecht Award




Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


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Sound re-recording mixer 

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