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Dunya & Desie - Project Petra

Series, 2002, 25 min.

Episode of seven-part series about the everyday concerns of two fifteen-year-old bosom friends (film début of both actresses). Moroccan Dunya lives with her parents and younger brother; cheeky Dutch Desi lives with her divorced, golden-haired and tight leggings wearing type of mother. Going against all the rules of school and home, the two girls always know better. Dunya has the role of the narrator. Her voice-over tells the viewer what the girls are concerned about in life.
In Project Petra a new girl from the country side arrives in class. Her name is Petra. She isn't accepted by her classmates because she dresses differently and has a weird lunch box. Dunya feels for her and decides to give her a make-over. At the funfair they test to see whether the metamorphosis works.





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