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Nazareth 2000

Short documentary, 2000, 55 min.

In Nazareth, 72 percent of the current 60,000 inhabitants are Muslims. However, most of the land is possessed by Christian institutions, a situation that causes great tension. Nazareth is a city with a dynamic mayor and prosperous residents: 'They love their Mercedeses more than their children here.' It is also the birthplace of filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, who has been living and working in the Netherlands for years. On the eve of the turn of the century, Abu-Assad returned to his native town and registered how even two world leaders like Arafat and the Pope are reduced to extras in Nazareth. The leading characters in the documentary are two filling station attendants, who fight out their discord in the addictive petrol fumes. After all, in the year 2000, Nazareth was also a city where Christians and Moslems are working together.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company