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Onder controle

Feature film, 2012, 90 min.

Thijs, a successful thriller writer, is witness to the murder of Sara. Thijs is threatened, too. First feature film in the world that was made live, with directing contributions from the public, via Twitter, especially for the 32nd edition of the Netherlands Film Festival.
The festival fruitfully called on the public to join via their smartphones or computers, with the motto ?Grab the director?s seat!? They twittered in droves with hashtag #nff2012. A group of editors selected the best tweets, director Martijn de Jong passed them on via wireless earphones to the crew and the actors, including Tygo Gernandt, Halina Reijn, Victor Löw, Hanna Verboom, Gaite Jansen and Marcel Musters. The extensive film crew for the first time took up the challenge of a live multi-camera shooting of a feature film. On filmfestival.nl and UPC Kanaal 12, Dutch viewers could follow the making of the feature film via an HD live stream. Using the best scenes from this live production, the eventual commercial for the 32nd edition of the Nederlands Film Festival was made.





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