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Het familie ensemble

Short documentary, 2009, 53 min.

Franciscus, the paterfamilias of the Dutch ensemble The Family Pondman, is positive: in a few years time, the opera world will lie at their feet. Shortly before, a renowned Viennese talent scout has told his musical sons and daughters that their tough repertory may prove damaging to their voices. The Austrian advises them to take a classical training, which obviously cuts their father to the quick. He not only raises his five children (from 13 to 21) all by himself, he also accompanies them musically. Their mother, a well-known opera singer, largely disappeared from view after the divorce. Franciscus used to be on stage too, until his voice broke down. Now, he is firmly at the head of a harmonious, slightly peculiar family who live in a dreamy, quaint farmhouse with their ponies and chickens and who move around in two oldtimers. Director Wilko Bello simply registers things, leaving it up to the spectator to make up his mind about the strong influence the father exerts on his offspring.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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