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No More Heroes - De fotograaf Kees Tabak

Short documentary, 2007, 52 min.

Pop photography was still in its infancy when music freak Kees Tabak started capturing punk bands with his camera. In those days, journalists and photographers regularly hung out with bands for a couple of days. Like Tabak, who made gorgeous portraits of Tom Waits and The Ramones, simply while touring, against the background of gas stations.
In the eighties, he saw all big stars through his lens. Sometimes by accident, like Madonna, just before she got famous. Still, he turned his back on his great love when his work got harder and harder due to restrictions. But not forever. Director Saskia Vredeveld, also responsible for scenario and camera, followed Tabak when, after watching the series American Music by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, he decided to make the Dutch equivalent. She filmed him when he portrayed bands like Moke, The Golden Earring and Within Temptation, meanwhile delving into Tabak's past. This portrait of one of the pioneers of Dutch pop photography at the same time portrays its history.





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