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Geluk is als glas

Documentary, 2001, 90 min.

Around Spinoza's statue in The Hague, close to each other, are the city hall and church, theatre and parliament, the business district, red-light district and the Schilderswijk working-class area. `Desire is each man's nature', the 17th-century philosopher wrote, whose quotations are used as inserts in the film. The Lataster couple asks different local residents what they think about the connection between happiness, money and ethics. A garbage collector, for example, says rather glumly that he has cleared away all the possessions of a homeless man in five minutes; but a near-homeless ex-millionaire radiantly claims he has never been happier in his life. The filmmakers pose existential questions, but preserve a light tone, partly by adjusting sound and camera movements to the daily activities of the people portrayed: drums and close-ups for a boxing contest, a brisk jazz rhythm for a workaholic manager.





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