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Ald Dyk

Documentary, 2006, 61 min.

The Oude Bildtdijk is the longest street in the Netherlands. In Bildt fashion, a mixture of Dutch and Frisian, it is called Ald Dyk (Old Dike). The Frisian documentary-maker Henk Penninga travelled the entire length of the embankment with his camera, from number 1 through 1229, looking for stories of residents and the history of this century-old dam in Northwest Friesland. Penninga interviews an amateur historian, who explains how the dike came into being, an old duck decoy braider, an amateur fisherman - producing appealing images of the low Wadden waters - and a couple who have been serving the dikers for years with their mobile store. The tranquil images of the meandering street in all seasons, the melancholy scenery as its backdrop and the sometimes unwittingly moving stories by old and new inhabitants together make up a documentary poem on a unique dike.





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