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De Boskampi's

Feature film, 2015, 102 min.

Release Date: 29 April 2015 (Netherlands). Rik Boskamp is sick and tired of being harassed, like his dopey father. A mafia movie gives him an idea: Rik will arrange for him and his father to move to a new village, where people will believe him to be Rikki Boskampi, the son of nasty mafia boss Paulo. His plan works out! Until a pest from the past turns up. For how long will Rik be able to maintain his lie? The humorous family movie is based on Marjon Hoffman’s eponymous children’s book and teems with references to American gangster classics.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (3)

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