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Feature film, 2017, 100 min.

RELEASE DATES 29 MARCH 2017 (FRANCE). Ruben, Durex and Nora are all students in their final year of uni. Suffering from a lack of self-confidence, Ruben has already failed his exams once and is too shy to admit he has feelings for Nora. His childhood friend Durex, who is possibly the most annoying guy in the world, isn’t much help on either front. When Ruben finds out that Nora has a side job as a drug dealer, and is about to leave for Amsterdam to bring back a new type of drug, Ruben plucks up the courage to go with her. The trip to Amsterdam is the perfect chance for Ruben to finally seduce Nora, but unfortunately for him, Durex decides to tag along for the ride. As the trio explore Europe’s craziest capital, their lives become a lot more complicated when they find out that the drug they’ve come to collect belongs to Amsterdam’s most notorious criminals. Ruben, Durex and Nora quickly realise that if they want to get their old lives back they’ll have to stop acting like losers and become real heroes.

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