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Hotel Heimwee

Feature film, 2003, 67 min.

Film début of actor Porgy Franssen about 45-year-old Max (played by Franssen), who runs a most charming hotel in the southern French town of Buisson. Fré, a Dutch woman living nearby helps him and now and then they sleep with each other. Max is a daydreamer; in his mind, he talks non-stop to his lost great love Charlotte, a prima ballerina with whom he had a passionate relationship twenty years ago. Although Fré and Max have a nice time together, he keeps longing for that one woman in his life who can make his life complete, he thinks. The arrival of Max's cheeky flirtatious niece Anne, who starts carrying on with jack-of-all-trades Dion, intensifies his desire for what used to be. On the staircase, in the microwave, everywhere he sees visions of his dancer. Fré looks upon Max's absent-mindedness with sorrow and resolves to put an end to it. She writes an anonymous postcard to Charlotte, drawing her attention to Hotel Heimwee, run by Max Smeets.





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