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Hopsi Topsi Land

Short documentary, 2006, 50 min.

Summer 2006. Two generations return to 'Hopsi Topsi Land' where, as children, they used to spend their summer holidays. In search of the past. The summercamp remained in business from 1949-1982, a time span of two generations. A time when the world changed: from to the docility of the fifties to the anarchy of the seventies; from ballroom dancing to disco, from the authoritarian parents to 'equals', from the tight family unit to all the extended variations; from forced obligation to imposed liberty. The first children for the camp were recruited from the environment of Rie and Willy Versteeg: mainly artists and intellectuals, communists, former Resistance, and Jews who had survived the concentration camps or the hiding, people in the forefront of society, the echo of the war reverberating through their children. In Hopsi Topsi Land, however, nothing changed. The authority, the daily schedule, even the menu stayed the same. For thirty years Hopsi Topsi Land was like a time capsule, a parallel world where time stood still.





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