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Feature film, 2006, 94 min.

In the best tradition of the horror genre, the film begins with light-hearted scenes. One after another, seven friends say fondly goodbye to the loving home front. From that moment it is obvious that their holiday trip to the Scottish woods will not bring them much good. Not surprisingly, things go wrong from the moment the first campfire is lit: the group is attacked by bloodthirsty dogs that they can only barely escape. They find refuge in a ramshackle country house, but apparently the dogs were only precursors of a horror-ridden night. The - young - actors show all facets of their agony during the insubstantial events in the haunted house, where a young woman's spirit from 1782 is still unable to find peace. Leaking tongues of fire, visions and banging doors prevent the friends with torches from running to safety.




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