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Feature film, 2007, 104 min.

After their father suffers a burn-out, Kars and Isa's parents change course and buy a run-down campsite in France. Isa and Kars have the feeling they are moving to Timbuktu and will lose everything they have built up. But they do not complain for long, because they soon make new friends and together they help make the campsite a success. There is another Dutch boy that lives in the village, Jules, with his dog Frodo. He is embarrassed about his father, who after his wife's decease developed a drinking problem.
The manager of the rivalling Paradiso campsite makes every effort to undermine the competition. He does not even recoil from arson and murder. The thrilling youth film swiftly addresses different themes, from friendship and awakening love to treason, underhanded rivalry, mystery, homosexuality and heroic rescue. Adapted from a work by the successful writer of youth books, Carry Slee.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)





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