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Bloody Marie

Feature film, 2019, 83 min.

Release Date: 28 February 2019 (Netherlands). Premiere IFFR 2019. Marie drinks her days away among the exploiters and operators of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. A chicken clucks, and cartoonists draw and drink, she says. Due to the drink and Lord knows what else, she hasn’t drawn anything good in ages. The death of her mother, whom she sometimes still sees in hallucinations, and her destructive nature all conspire against her. After stealing a couple of thousand Euros from her neighbours, things get out of hand.

Guido van Driel’s second feature film after The Resurrection of a Bastard underlines his preference for life’s rough edges and his continuing fascination with people heading for disaster who manage to change course at the last minute. Marie also manages to cheat fate, but the question is: For how long?

won prizes

  • NL - Rotterdam International Film Festival IFFR selection

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