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De nacht van Aalbers

Series, 2001, 55 min.

This TV film is a political thriller about PvdA leader Frits Aalbers, who gets involved in a mysterious hotel murder. In an attempt to rescue his political career - a coalition with Groen Links is at stake - the top politician does everything to conceal the truth. The ambitious young journalist Barbara van Dalen works for the current affairs programme Haagse Kringen and is keen on getting the coalition scoop. However, she is unexpectedly put on the track of the murder. Her boyfriend, also the chief editor of the programme, seems to support her in this case. When the truth is gradually brought to light by Barbara, Aalbers gets caught in a self-created trap of deceit and intrigue and it becomes clear how grimy and unchaste the strong alliance between politics and journalism is.





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company