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De tijd op je hielen, deel 1 + 2

Documentary, 2003, 76 min.

De tijd op je hielen (The Time Upon Your Heels) is a documentary in four parts, each introducing three elderly people who talk about their experiences with aging. In the first part, De grote verdwijntruc, they explain how they (want to) keep playing a role in society. Dirk Horringa, for example, who is involved in various large reconstruction schemes as a consultant, obsessively keeps archives and newspaper clippings. Part two, Het vege lijf, describes how people, for various reasons, try to suppress the consequences of aging as long as possible. Despite living in borrowed time, 90-year-old Emma Dorn wants to stay fit. The different interviews alternate and have been interlaced with images of the people in their daily activities.





Cinematographer - DoP


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