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The making of Teuntje

Short documentary, 2004, 52 min.

The teenage sisters Nikki and Teuntje are donor children. The donor fathers are probably Thijs and Bert, but nobody knows for sure. In the late eighties, their biological mother Ansje wanted to have a child by a virtually unknown father, because `she was afraid of fatherly feelings and that he would claim her child.' Ansje lived together with Anneke, who later started a relationship with Janet. The three women raised the two children together, in a situation where the mother and her two daughters live one floor above Anneke and Janet. For one year, filmmaker Britta Hosman followed this household and in particular Teuntje, who is fond of dancing, grows four centimetres in a year and slowly starts realising that what used to be normal to her is in fact quite special. Her sister Nikki also gives her food for thought. The everyday scenes are alternated with interviews, such as with Bert.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist (5)