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Daar aan het eind van de gang

Short documentary, 2000, 55 min.

'You can retrieve the past if you really want, but you will have to go through a kind of corridor that becomes longer and at the end, in the spot of light where the black walls come together, lies the past.' Words by the Italian writer Giorgio Bassani (1916 - 2000), who grew up in the Northern Italian town of Ferrara. Hans Keller made a film about Bassani's Ferrara and oeuvre. Keller follows the Jewish author's look around the town, where the great events that make up the tragedy of the 20th century momentarily return to the present, creating a 'guilty topography of scrubbed walls'. Bassani himself was unable to collaborate on the film. The first shooting day of the film was dedicated to his funeral.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company