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Van schaft tot schaft

Short documentary, 1999, 10 min.

Short documentary about building, focussing on a crane-driver. In a workman's hut, at a table with three lunch boxes on it and a pickled herring, a building worker is staring into the distance. In the meantime he chews his sandwiches. The man is a crane-driver and helps to fill empty corners of Holland with new buildings. Every day for weeks, he eats an orange at lunchtime and there are always two labels on the peel. Under the edge of the table is festooned with orange stickers. After lunch, the man climbs the ladder to his crane. It takes a while, but then he is in a world of concrete skeletons. His crane turns like a giant Ferris Wheel while we listen to guitar music that could be Ry Cooder.




Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company